Tork Kratos X Model Revealed Price, Range and Top Speed

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Welcome to yet another spontaneous blog post here we are back with the creators of torque motorcycles and which really made the kind of comeback in market with competitive prices and range. I see the product in front of me and it looks very very promising and the best part about this is it is Affordable. It is a completely new electric motorcycle, in which the best technology and design have been used. The company has introduced this bike at Auto Expo 2023. It is being showcased as an updated version of Kratos R, while the company has announced the discontinuation of the standard Kratos.

Tork Kratos X features

In terms of features, the motorcycle features a redesigned side panel, fast charging, a 7.0-inch LCD instrument cluster and an aluminum swing arm. However, it has also got a new FF (Furiously Fast) mode. Features include a 7-inch touchscreen with Android and navigation with a host of safety features. An aluminum swingarm, new design elements on its side panels and a new furious fast riding mode are also a part of its make-up.

Tork Kratos X Range and Top Speed

The Kratos X electric motorcycle gets a lithium-ion battery pack. It comes with a range of 120 km on a single charge, 0-40 km/h speed in 4 seconds and a top speed of 100 km/h. In comparison, the Tork Kratos R is powered by a 9 kWh electric motor that produces 12 hp and 38 Nm of torque. The pickup and top speed of the bike remain the same as the new bike.

The battery pack seems to be well put together. You know insights on the tech that went into making the battery structure so I think it took also long years we learned this from rings and all that is Made in India.

Tork Kratos X Bookings

Torque Motors will open the bookings for the Kratos X during the upcoming April-June. Now let us tell you about the look of Torque Kratos X, then this electric motorcycle will be very stylish and have a special design. The company claims that it will have a better powertrain, i.e. a more powerful battery than the Kratos R, in which better power and torque will make the motorcycle tremendous in terms of speed and performance.

All Tork Motors customers can avail free charging network for a period of 2 years, along with features like geo-fencing, find my vehicle, track mode, crash alerts and vacation mode. A new portable charger that can fast charge the bike like a home charger, while the e-bikes will also get panniers as accessories.

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