WordPress a Simple Script which Lights Up Website

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It is available completely free of cost on the Internet and has a wide variety of plug-ins and themes available for absolutely free. A great and beautiful website can be easily created using them.

WordPress is open-source software used to create online websites. WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL. It was launched on 27th May 2003. WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) that easily manages all the content.

This has made it so easy to manage website and blog that today a normal educated person even if he does not have technical knowledge, he can easily manage it by creating a website.

If you have just heard the name of this, then it is a very good thing because today you will know what is WordPress, its information in Hindi (What is wordpress in hindi) and also I will tell what is the importance of this in creating a blog?

Why WordPress?

Because WordPress is open source, thousands – millions of developers contribute to making WordPress better and it is absolutely free because of being open source.

You do not have any kind of limitation from WordPress, that is, you can use WordPress for any personal or commercial purpose and you can purchase domain name and hosting account for your website from anywhere.

You do not need to spend much to build a website in WordPress. By the way, it has given many things for free. All you have to do is buy hosting and domain. In this, you can create a site like online shopping for 6 to 12 thousand. If you go to developer. So he will charge you a lot. But it is considered the cheapest method as compared to other methods.

How to Make Website in WordPress?

As we have already told you that WordPress is very easy and easy to manage content management system. In this, thousands of free and paid are also available for website designing.

Many types of functions do not require coding, but plugins are also available for this. Using which you can easily do website designing. Let us now know how to learn how to make a website in it?

WordPress is considered to be the most user-friendly of the CMS, in which you do not need to do any coding. In WordPress, you get all the themes, pages, plugins, all you have to do is install them and use them properly.

You can easily create and customize any website on WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create the best website. With the help of WordPress, you can easily create and customize even the biggest websites like online shopping, education, travel website etc.

WordPress has given different themes and plugins for every website which you can use and make your website.

Is WordPress Better then Blogger?

If you have learned about WordPress, then I am sure that you will also have knowledge of Blogger. After all, the question that definitely comes in the mind is which of these two is better? It is a bit difficult to give an exact answer, but if seen from the point of view of security, then blogger is a good option and is absolutely free too.

If you take blogging as a business and want to do it in a professional way, then there is no better platform for you than WordPress. WordPress provides many features compared to Blogger, but there may be chances of hacking the WordPress website if you are not aware of website hacking, although Google’s Blogger platform is many ahead of WordPress in terms of security.

You can also create a website on WordPress for free, but to create a professional website, you will have to spend money and learn blogging closely. Only then you can make a great career in blogging using WordPress

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